Perfect Kitchen DIY’s for the amateur You!


A lot of housewives or chefs tend to be so stressed out when making the whole family or a restaurant a menu that can take 5 hours to make. It can be very difficult especially when you know everybody is in relying on you to have a great meal which leads us to the many shortcuts a person can make in the kitchen in order to save more time and less stress.

A person that is skilful in the kitchen and knows every nook and cranny will surely know these DIY’s or kitchen hacks. May you be an expert or a newbie, learning these useful tricks can be a game changer and you can show it off to your crush, too! But it is also important that you share your knowledge. There’s nothing better than helping your friends and family, right?


Your favourite egg meal made in the Microwave!

Are you sick of eating a mediocre AM meal of bland yogurt at work every morning? Meet your new office best friend: the microwave. Find out how to make a breakfast-of-champions in just a few simple steps, plus the help of minimal equipment (a microwaveable plate or bowl). In less than 5 minutes you can make scrambled eggs, or even fried eggs, in the time that it would take you to order that overpriced cup of oatmeal. Your work day is about to get a whole lot better. This is a great hack for people who are always on the go and have a time limit on almost everything they do.

Crispy bacon without the mess

Forget about the cast iron skill. Line a baking sheet with heavy-duty aluminum foil (or two layers of foil) that has been crimped at 1-inch intervals to create a disposable bacon rack. Elevating the bacon keeps it out of the grease and allows hot air to circulate around the bacon, so it cooks and crisps evenly. Everybody loves bacon, I mean, who doesn’t? But eating the perfect, crispy bacon can turn your whole life around!

For the Ice creams Lovers out there!

If your ice cream lasts long enough to get freezer burned, try trimming the ice cream container down as you eat your way through it. The lid will still fit the miniaturized container and this reduces the amount of air the ice cream is exposed to. Want to enjoy your next ice cream with your boyfriend on the couch while watching a movie without any hitch? Try this next time and avoid any freezer burns!

Your travel size Freezer

Whether you’re packing a picnic or transporting perishable groceries from store to home, ice packs are key for keeping your goods cold in the heat of summer. If you’re all out of the mini ice packs you picked up at Restaurant Depot or the full-size ice packs are too big for your cooler, there are many tutorials on how to make DIY freezer packs (both solid or gel ice packs) with dish soap or rubbing alcohol.

It’s a good thing a lot of people have found out about these life hacks or else, we’re doomed! Just kidding. But seriously, using these hacks in your everyday life can help stimulate your mind in looking for other life hacks that you can do in your kitchen.

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