Rare fish:

          The fish that are kept at home n the fish tanks are chosen depending upon the color and the other appearances of the fish. They are chosen for the fins which are quite flattering than those that are meant for human food. These rare pets have teeth and the Oscars especially have rows of teeth inside the mouth and not new the opening of the mouth as in many fish like the piranhas or the shark.

Teeth in any fish is considered very deadly as they can chew away any size animal or human with the grip of the razor sharp and strong teeth. For many people it would come as a surprise and wonder that the multicolored Oscar fish too have them in the mouth and that they too need to be feared. The oscar fish teeth help them to chew the food that is given in the form of pellets so that it is easy to digest and also does not get stuck on the food pathway.

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Well suited:

  • Since the teeth are a natural feature of the Oscar fish it is used for chewing the large particles of food that they ingest. So, when you have the Oscar fish in your fish tank as pets make sure that you choose the pellets of the right size to feed these fish.
  • They chew or grind the fish pellets with the teeth that are seen at the end of the mouth and near the throat s that the pellet does not get stuck to the throat and they can die of suffocation.
  • Among the various brands of fish food pellets you can choose the right brands based on a consultation with the vet or any expert who is knows well about these types of fish.
  • The fish food pellets can be pushed towards the back of the mouth with the help of the oscar fish teeth and they can feed on the food properly.
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