The flourishing diamond trade


Every woman is fond of diamonds staying true the saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. When it comes to purchasing any piece of jewellery ladies give preference to diamonds over gold or platinum. The diamond trade is quite flourishing as the demand for it is never ending; the shiny and sparkling stone attracts the public more than anything. Diamond selling is a competitive world and it involves a lot of risk, and it also requires travelling around the world in order to find the best uncut diamonds. This business undoubtedly has a lot of money but with that it is time consuming and one needs to pay personal attention to it.

How to get into diamond selling?

Those interesting in becoming diamond trader should be skilled and should learn about the trade and a number of other things. One can be a diamond trader by doing these following things:

  • Learning about the trade is very important; as a diamond trader is supposed to be good in assessing grades and in doing diamond valuation. A trader is even required to bargain with the diamond cutter which is not an easy task; a professional gemology course is necessary to be a diamond merchant. There are number of gemological institutes that provide such courses that train one in becoming a diamond trader.
  • In order to run a diamond business one needs to obtain a business license, a tax resale number and credentials that are required to be given to the local government to operate business.
  • Try establishing contacts with the retailers, wholesalers and private buyers around the world especially in Antwerp.

  • One is required to sit for exams now and then to maintain certificated, membership or licenses in order to run the business. So one should be well prepared for this; as there is cut throat competition so it is better to be updated about everything by giving exams so that teh client stay assured of your work.
  • Learn to maintain interpersonal relationship with the clients as that is the best way to maintain clientage. With this quality of product is important even if you earn less money but delivering the right product is important.

These are the important things that need to be followed and done by those who want to get into the business of diamond selling as in today’s time it is the most flourishing business.

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