Kratom Effects: Does it relax or energize?


Kratom is the extract from the leaves of the Kratom tree, which are usually found in east Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and sometimes in Philippines also. The leaves of this tree are picked to make a powder or extract and is often used in these countries for health and medicinal reasons. This tree is very effective and the veins of the leaves are either in red or white which are extracted to be used. The white veins are very strong as compared to the red ones. Kratom has been used in these countries since ages for many reasons, but is slowly gaining popularity worldwide due to its stimulating and sedative effects. TheĀ red maeng da extract of the leaves of Kratom tree are famous to give relief from all types of pain and sedative effects for conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia etc. Hence, there are many brands that are selling Kratom extract in various forms. Efficiency of the extract depends on the freshness and potency of the extract. The leaves of this plant that are extracted in autumn have the highest potency.

Effects of Kratom:

The truth is that south east Asian countries have been using Kratom extract since centuries, but there is a scientific proof still missing on this topic. Hence, it is difficult to say about this clearly. Kratom extract is generally famous to have the below effects:

  1. Energy boost (stimulation effect)
  2. Pain relief (analgesic)
  3. Enhances mood (increase in sociability and euphoria)
  4. relaxes (sedative)
  5. Enhances focus
  6. Works as anti-anxiety

When it is difficult to clearly speak about effects of Kratom, its relaxing and energizing effects can be determined by its color.

Each strain of Kratom leaf contributes an overall well-being by producing its own effect at some level depending on its type. Hence, its ability of being a mood enhancer can be found to be dependent on the strains because some strains produce higher effects, while every strain produces this effect at its level.


The relaxing or energizing or sedative effects of Kratom depend purely on the type of Kratom (color) and the dosage. Do remember that all strains of Kratom have these effects, but some have a higher potency.

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