Summer is fun but comes along the hot sun and you have to find ways to beat the heat. Many love love to go have fun in sun and sand or go off to cooler climes. But people with lesser options can employ these hacks.

  • Being hydrated during summer is a must and buying colas and juices over the counter are expensive and not so good for health. You could make popsicles out of your favourite juice or pop fruits in as it is and freeze them, they are delicious to eat.
  • Store aloe Vera and water and make cubes which you run down on your body after a hot day in the sun, this not only soothes the skin but helps with the tan too.
  • If you want your to get rid of the oiliness on your face due to the intense heat use translucent power and some tissue to blot away the oil from your face.
  • If you want chilled water quickly the best way to do it by wrapping a wet paper towel and then freeze it in the freezer.


  • Pouring coffee into your ice cube tray will give you iced coffee in seconds without watering down the original brew.
  • As you spend more time out in the summer and you are bound to get mosquito bites whichare quite itchy, using a mosquito repellent would do but a hack will definitely work, dab on some toothpaste on the bite and you will definitely get some relief.
  • Flies keeping buzzing over food on hot summer’s day and these pesky insects are hard to drive away but a awesome hack of halving lemons and pining cloves in them half an hour before the food is placed on the table will drive the flies away and you could have your meal in peace.
  • Some of food start dripping due to the summer heat, so packing lunches in zip lock bags instead of boxes will be more effect and a sponge inside them will absorb the moisture and not make the food soggy.
  • When you are all planned for summer and stuffed your freezer with a lot of ice cream cartons, the ones at the back really go hard with the extra freezing to keep your ice cream nice and creamy and for you to scoop it out easily store the cartons in zip lock bags.
  • Brushing off sand from your body is a task after spending a hot summer day at the beach use talcum powder to brush off the sand without any irritation and not harm your baby’s skin too.
  • You could make and carry your own mosquito repellent you you want to go for a summer camping trip with friends. It is just a mixture of basil and hot water.
  • Ants just love to sneak in during the hot months and they get into everything so to get rid of this problem just pop a a bowl of popcorn kernels in the grinder and get a cornmeal for the ants trail your problem will definitely no longer exist.
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