Touch Typing: How to Teach Your Kids to Type Quicker and More Efficiently Than Before


To give your chance the best chances of surviving and thriving in the digital age, you’d want them to start learning proper touch typing techniques at an early age. When employers find out that your child can type approximately 50 words per minute, then they’ll be one step closer to achieving a high-paying job.

Reports dictate that individuals who have fast typing speeds with high accuracies are more likely to land a job as compared to a person who can only type about 20 words per minute. After all, typing faster and more accurately than others means an individual can finish reports and computer-related tasks quicker and better than others. Teach your kids to type now, and they’ll become an invaluable asset to companies in the future.

Start With a Software

Give your child access to a good typing application as the software will have built-in functionalities that tailor to the typing needs of the user. Children as young as 7 or 8-years-old can enhance typing skills while picking up on individual weaknesses. Learning about one’s flaws can help a person improve in a specific skill set, and in this case, it would be regarding typing on a computer keyboard. Also, most modern typing tutorial programs keep track of the user’s progress, so you can check if the child is improving over time.


Typing Sessions Should be Short Yet Interactive

Many typing programs are repetitive, and users can get bored doing the same exercises over-and-over again, especially if one practice session will last for hours. Children should regard their typing sessions akin to having homework from school. These “assignments” should be done before they go to sleep, and it’s better to have the child do brief regular sessions instead of long infrequent sessions. For example, the kid can have a short 10-minute typing session every night before they go to sleep instead of doing 2-hours worth of practice sessions every Saturday.

For Kids Below 12 Years of Age, Don’t Leave Their Side While They’re Practicing

Many children below 12-years-old still tend to struggle to do touch typing techniques. They would rather do the “hunt-and-peck” method of typing, but this can slow down the progress of learning efficient typing techniques. Guide the child in the proper way to do typing, and they’ll eventually pick up in doing the quick and effective hand and finger movements to make for a faster and more accurate typing performance.

Get Them to Type Their Homework

Many parents still type their children’s homework on a computer because it would seem like the faster approach. However, this restricts the child from learning, especially in regards to learning how to touch type. Instead, let the kid type their assignments by themselves. In time, they’ll learn how to deal with their homework faster than before.

When your child learns how to do proper touch typing techniques, they’ll be one step closer to cementing their success in the corporate and business world. Give them this invaluable skill, and they’ll have a higher chance of thriving in the digital world.

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