Best Free Parental Control Software That You Could Use


It’s very hard for the parents to imagine their child accessing uncensored and inappropriate stuff on the internet. The more internet is growing in size the more inappropriate content is getting uploaded to the internet. This means kids are increasingly getting vulnerable to be exposed to the dark side of the internet. This is why it’s important for the parents to ensure that their kids are not exposed to the content they are not supposed to.

This constant fear of their kids getting exposed to the inappropriate content among parents can be minimized by using the parental control software. These software enable the parents to monitor what their kids do online and also help the parents restrict the kids from accessing websites they think are appropriate for their kids. There are many parental control software available in the market nowadays and it can be very difficult to choose one of them.

Here is a list of some of the best monitoring software for parentswhich are available for free:


Generally, most of the parental control software are aimed at the Windows platform, but Qustodio is a parental control software that is available for all the available platforms, like Mac, iOS, Android, and even Nook. The free version of the software allows to cover the basic functions like setting rules, time scheduling, blocking materials, like pornography and other inappropriate stuff.

best monitoring software for parents

However, if you opt for the paid version you can get features, like SMS monitoring, app controls, social media monitoring, and many others that can be very useful. But even the free version of the software covers all the basic needs of the parents, which makes it one of the best monitoring software for parents.

OpenDNS Family Shield

This is a free software available to download from OpenDNS. The software’s parental control tools automatically block the websites and domains that are flagged as proxy, tasteless, pornography, or sexuality by the OpenDNS. The software can run on both PC and mobile devices and furthermore you can add this even to your network router to filter the data that passes through it.


One of the most impressive parental control software, Kidlogger is a free software that not only enables you to monitor what your kids access or visit on the internet but also allows to keep a track of all the programs that your kid uses on the PC. The other benefit of the software is that it comes with a voice activated sound recorder, which enables you to record all the conversations that your kid does online.

The software also has paid versions which come with features like Whatsapp monitoring and call monitoring, but the free version is also very useful. This is one of the best free parental monitoring software available today.

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