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As the technology developed as the years goes by, so does the improvement of aspects of human life. One of these aspects is communication. Just decades ago, we were using letters from papers as means of communicating in long distance. A courier is required to deliver your letter to the recipient and it takes times. Later it is replaced with the popularity of landline phones for a convenient means of relaying messages.

Even with the conveniences of landline phones, it is somewhat limited. It requires you to go to the location of the phone unit since it is connected through wires. Hence, the birth of the mobiles phones, it becomes much more accepted by the society regardless how expensive it was. You can make a call or send text messages wherever you are and much convenient than land line phones.

Expensive and Different Providers

For convenience to be met, it can be avail by means of spending more money. In a normal household nowadays, almost every one of the family members has their own mobile handheld. Hence, in comparison to landline where you need only one unit, in a family of three, you probably need to expend money worth of three mobile phone unit.

After buying the unit, it requires a Subscriber Identification Module or SIM card to avail any call and text services. It is mostly provided by a telecommunication network and to use their services you need to pay more for a digital currency called load. A digital currency used to send a text message or to be charged in exchange of call per minute. At which can be very expensive and just imagine that with numerous mobile phones in a single household, it probably triple the monthly bill just for phone usage.

The Development of the Internet

As the internet becoming more accessible and affordable by the large percent of the population, it transformed into a new medium of connecting people. Medium in a form of social media, online forums, blogs and websites where anyone can access as long they have a stable internet connection.

Although most of them are in message form, as the internet continues to develop, a technology that mirrors the phone’s feature is becoming more available. It is called as Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to applications or software that utilizes the same function of the phone but through the use of the internet. Hence, regardless of your SIM network provider, you can use VoIP applications to contact your friends and family members. Good examples of VoIP are Viber and Skype. They can be used to send instant messages, voice and video call which are free as long you are connected to the internet.

Even Facebook has integrated such function, at which that you can use their messenger application to video call someone for free. But there are also paid subscriptions that other VoIP providers offer. They provide services such as making the quality of the call better, email management, redirecting calls, customer service and other more powerful add on that can be beneficial in any business. There are websites like voiptoners that summarized reviews and costs of such providers. Using VoIP is much cheaper and cost efficient since even with different devices, you can connect to a WIFI and you can communicate to others for free.

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