Pay Your Bills With Deferit And Never Fear A Late Payment Again


It is said that a roof on your head, clothes to wear, and food to eat is all you need to live, but is that possible in the 21st century, with a roof to live under come rent, electricity bills, water supply charges, and so on. The list goes on for those who can afford luxuries such as a private mode of transportation, huge mansions, air conditioners, etc. However, now and then, a person faces a financial crisis or a money crunch. It can be due to a delayed salary, an irresponsible shopping spree, or a necessary investment. covers you in such a time of need by paying your bills for you and allowing you to pay them back in 4 instalments. Much like a bank, but to cover the costs of your necessities rather than luxuries.

How Does Deferit Work?

You can upload a picture of the bill and the required payment amount. Deferit then pays the bill on the assigned date and requires you to pay every fortnight. This is a great relief for people who are just starting their careers and have trouble paying regular bills. To ensure that you have the amount for the first instalment in your account before Deferit pays the bill. This is like collateral that the firm needs to ensure that you will not defer any future payments. 


Advantages of using deferit 

  • Zero Interest: Unlike regular loans with increasing interest with time, allows you to repay your money without worrying about a piled-up interest rate.
  • You Can Defer It: As its name suggests, it allows you to defer payments in case of emergencies. Another advantage is no late fees. Unlike a library book that increases the late fee for every day you fail to return a book, Deferit eases your anxiety in times of emergencies.
  • Bad Credit: In case you have a history of bad credit, the firm decides whether to continue to pay your bills based on the frequency and recentness.
  • Emergencies: As long as you approach the firm on a weekday before 5 pm, they can complete the payments the very same day.
  • Money Management: Since deferit lets, you pay them back in instalments, you can organize your monthly funds and use them wisely as all your money isn’t being drained out in bills.

Life can be tough, and living independently can be tougher. When you are burdened with your work, house, social life, expenditures, etc., the last thing you want is to worry about being a payment defaulter. has not only saved you the trouble of waiting in a line to pay your bill but also helped you pay it. Keep in mind that one late payment and they might just cut your electricity supply, so do not dawdle and sign up now!

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