When you have employed all the latest trends of advertising online from social media to mobile marketing to get your real estate business cracking, realtykit designs become a great choice for advertising.

But offline too has to paid attention and that will not be always the traditional marketing norms but out of the box strategies especially which you have think for getting customers on board.

Fresh ideas make the cut and you ingenuity will work if you know the pulse of the market. Find out all these and plan out the course which you will employ in enticing them to think in lines of what you have to offer to them.

We could look at some of the offline ideas that can help your real estate business; realtykit designs have helped the real estate business.

  • Targeting the niche category will help in gaining the customers such old people, singles, students etc. So if you aim such you will able to get results faster and better anticipation.
  • Sending mailers through their postal addresses with a feedback form which will give you an idea of how plan forward.
  • Local magazines can be identified and you can post columns of your real estate business. Here you can explain what features and facilities along with the localities that your real estate can provide.
  • Holding seminars about about buying homes, mortgage, obtaining home loans etc. This will give an insight to the buyers of how to contact you and get information about your project.
  • Giving out goodies and joining hands with brands of other products such as drinks, sports equipment or other paraphernalia which attracts buyers in getting a look at your logo, brand name and what you are associated with.

  • Getting reviews and testimonials from previous clients can help many to know about their feeling after being associated with you.
  • Get advertising agents who will put you on the map and get the project kicking with all kinds of exposure in print, hoardings, etc.
  • Creating a referral system really pays off as the previous clients can put in word to their friends and family along with potential customers, you could encourage that by providing incentives to the previous clients if they do so.
  • Keeping in touch with your previous clients will let the bond grow and they word of mouth would be a great publicity.
  • Tracking calls is calling up potential customers and telling them what you have to offer. This may be little intrusive but telephone calling is one of the popular ways of advertising.
  • Give the customers exciting offers such as launch offers, holiday offers or coupons or vouchers for spa etc. These are some of things that customers look forward too as they always would like something extra and which is free.


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