Industrial Filtration Application: The Top Five


Filtration is the process of removing solid particles from gases and liquids. It can be very simple like using a strainer after you cook pasta. It can also be very complicated like the purification of drinking water for an entire city. Filtration works for such a diverse range of applications. That is why it is crucial in many industrial processes. Industrial filtration equipment helps reduce, reuse, and recycle water. It helps take better care of the planet. Here are some of the most common industrial filtration applications.

Equipment protection

Filtration can help in the protection of the complex and expensive machinery used in industrial manufacturing. Particles can damage the equipment when they are not filtered out well. It can lead to entire system failures. An example of this is leftover particles in a pipe that can erode metal. It can cause malfunctions and will need essential and expensive parts for replacement.


Filtration is crucial in keeping things clean, pure, and free of contaminants. These include filtration for water, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. There will be no safe potable water if not for filtration. The process plays a crucial role in eliminating several particles. These involve removing sediment, sand, carbon, gravel, and other suspended particles.


Filtration also helps in ensuring safety. It helps prevent cross-contamination, health hazards, environmental issues, and workplace safety issues. It also helps companies with their compliance to safety and quality standards set by EPA and OSHA.

industrial filtration

Isolation of product

Plenty of manufacturing and industrial processes have to isolate their own solids, liquids, and gases. Isolation of their product keeps their systems functioning well. Perforated tubes have holes to help in separating particles from each other.

Boost in efficiency

The operations of several industries are smooth and efficient because of filtration. Oil rigs are one great example. Sand and debris get mixed in with the oil when bringing it up out of the ground. When you place perforated tubes at the source, they get rid of those particles as they go up. This helps save time and effort once the oil is on the surface.

The above uses are only some of the most common. There are other reasons why filtration might be crucial for an industrial system. Car washes and industrial laundry facilities use filtration in their recycling of water. The filtered water can clean more clothes and cars. Other great applications include lime softening and metal finishing. Businesses invest in industrial filtration equipment to help save water, money, and energy.

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