Human rights and stress management of police officers


Many police officers are committing suicide in the line of duty due to stress and anxiety. Many times people have heard of infringement of human rights by police officers. When police are dealing with people, they have to maintain a certain decency level. The behaviour of the police should not affect humans in any way. Likewise, The National Police Association looks after the point that police should also be treated with respect.

Benefits of stress management programs for the police officers

  • It helps in increasing the productivity of the police officers. But the police should be able to make the right decisions in the force.
  • It helps in leadership qualities during difficult times. A stress-free environment allows the workforce to communicate freely. It also reduces conflicts in the workplace.
  • It reduces corruption levels as people seem to have time for themselves.
  • Adopting stress management programs provide positive messages to all the policemen. It includes care sense to them to become more loyal towards their job.

National Police Association

Awareness programs

The stress management programs conducted by National Police Association has become a success in life. The police don’t know about the stress they face in life. Even though they know, they will never want to talk about it. Individuals should be made to understand the importance of life programs. It can play quite a vital roles in changing the mental health of individuals. Besides, it also leads to the active participation of police officers to relieve their stress sooner.


Police need to work stress-free in their offices. When they face challenges, they should be able to take them up with confidence. All the situations faced by police officers have become so complex. The time has come to introduce proper stress management programs in the police force.

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