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Durban is one of South Africa’s most coveted travel destinations and it is therefore important to know how, when and which airlines to choose so as to get the best traveling experience without spending too much in the process. Here are a few sample cheap flights to Durban to help you out:

Cape Town to Durban:

This is usually a two-hour flight and the commonly used airlines include FlySafair and Kulula just to mention a few. For example, the aforementioned flight using FlySafair on 4th July this year will set you back R 969 while on Kulula Airlines it’ll cost you 400 more rands. However, while FlySafair’s package includes an allowance of 7 kg hand luggage and an additional R150 for checked luggage Kulula goes the extra mile and in cooperates an additional checked bag (20 kg limit) and one small slim fit handbag.

Cheap flights to Durban

Furthermore, Kulula has a 30% off deal on flights if you travel anywhere between the 24th of July and 31st August this year so be sure to plan any flights to Durban within that timeline. Both flights on FlySafair and Kulula are non-stop and economy class. And the prices discussed above are for a single adult only.

For an adult accompanied by two children (under 12 years), FlySafair proves to be the better option for the same flight path with the relatively fair price of R 2,909 (as sampled on 4th July 2017) significantly lower than Kulula’s pricing of R 4,249.

Johannesburg to Durban:

This is relatively shorter flight taking approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. For a single adult, the ticket is priced at R 469 on FlySafair and the price ranges between R 579 and R 849 on Kulula Airlines. For an adult and say, two children, FlySafair tickets will total up to R 1, 409 while the same tickets on rival airline Kulula cost R 1, 719. Again all these prices are as sampled on 4th July 2017.

In the spirit of affordability to all, unlike most airlines, Kulula only offers economy class flights.

What you need to know about student flights:

Maybe you have just completed a grueling year of school and you can finally take that vacation that you’ve been dreaming about all year long. You’ve spent countless hours combing the internet for cheap flights to Durban but you still can’t quite figure out the best flight yet. Well, worry no more, as I’ve got you covered.

For student flights, the devil is in the detail and the most important part is actually the planning process. If you have that all figured out, then it’s all smooth sailing from there. Always do your research well in advance say even 12 months before the desired date of travel and try to plan your trips in the off-season as prices are usually hiked (sometimes double than usual) during the peak seasons.

Furthermore, try to make your travel dates flexible and travel a day or two earlier when there are cheaper options available for the same flight path.

Also, it is paramount to keep up with the latest special offers from various airlines as such deals usually come around once in a blue moon and go away just as quickly as they appear. Therefore, sign up for a newsletter on a reliable website like Flight Factory so as to keep abreast with the latest cheap flights to Durban updates.

Traveling in groups can also prove advantageous as you can share costs with friends and family and you might even stumble upon great flight discounts.

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