How to Choose the Best Nursing Home for Senior Citizen


When selecting a care facility for elderly, it’s very important you check out the difference between the nursing home and senior citizens’ residence. The nursing homes generally offer short and long term care in the semi-private or private rooms, and mostly include recreational activities, meals, and care. The Nursing homes should have the registered nurse at all times.

On the other hand, senior citizen residences offer short or long term care in the semi-private or private rooms, mostly includes, recreational activities, meals, and care but it does not need registered nurse every time. But, registered nurse should be on call whenever needed at the senior citizens’ residence. Hence, the major differences between the nursing home and senior citizens’ residence don’t essentially define the care quality but helps you identify the care level that you and your family member will need. Let us check out a few more things when finding the right nursing homes for your family members:

Find best nursing care facilities nearby.

Make sure you ask people that you trust, it can be your friends, family members, doctor, and clergy if they know about any nursing homes around. You can keep the list of names of the facilities and contact them personally.

Nursing homes

There are many different kinds of nursing homes, so make sure you choose the right one for your family member depending on their need. There are independent living homes that are generally for the people who don’t suffer any illness or diseases and can look after themselves easily. The second type of nursing home is the assisted living where nurses and aides offer timely assistance with day-to-day tasks that will range from the meals, housekeeping, laundry and medical care whenever required.

Check the facility

Nursing cares are certified to ensure that they meet health & safety requirements. You can check out the nursing homes facility on the internet.

Ask friends or other trusted members if they were happy with the care and facility.

Call local office of the consumer affairs. Check out if they have any information about the quality of care offered in the nursing homes. You can check out their telephone number.

Call health department of your state. You can ask in case they have any information on quality of the nursing homes. You can easily find the phone number in your phone book or you can search online.

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