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About Lumen Homes

Lumen homes is a service provider for attractive home construction products which become a value-addition to the house after its construction. Lumen homes are one of the best screen enclosures in Ottawa, ON, as the product has positive and commendable reviews from customers. Lumen homes provide screen enclosures and other facilities, namely room enclosures, four-season rooms, sunroom additions, home sunrooms, sunrooms and patio enclosures, and solariums. Let us discuss the beautiful screen enclosures provided by Lumen homes here.

How Screen enclosures help to add elegancy to constructions

  • Screen enclosures help screen a particular portion of the building from the entry of sunlight and other insects, etc. This has to be done very minutely, and effectively else the money spent would go to waste. Mostly in Ottawa, the homes are constructed in a cone-shaped structure, and screened glasses are kept in a conical shape. The frames come in aluminum metal type here.
  • Screen enclosure room makes one have real exposure to see the outside world and enjoy without disturbance. The screen enclosures in Ottawa, ON, are sealed off, but the surrounding ambiance can be felt with complete visibility.

  • Though initial installation of screen consumes a bit of money, if one constructs a quality metal screen, the screen enclosures last for about 10-12 years. One can feel this as a one-time investment for pleasure.
  • The screen enclosures mostly come in size 2” X2”. But Lumen homes offers 2” X3” screen enclosures making wide space for the room constructed. Use a heavy-duty screen to make it withstand for long years.
  • Screen enclosures completely change the way our construction look. Screen enclosures are mostly put near a place with more plants, trees, and natural surroundings. Because of this, kids, adults, grannies, women love to gather here during their still time at home. One can bring forest ambiance to home also using screen enclosures. So, get the best and durable screen enclosures in Ottawa, ON, from four seasons.


Add to the value of the building by buying screen enclosures.

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