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Aha streaming all genre movies and webseries videos online. Have you followed the latest content on Aha OTT. Here is another update on Aha streaming with Run movie, with twists and turns filled with excitement. Watch thriller movies online at Aha OTT. 

Where to watch Run movie 

Watch the complete Run movie on aha videos in HD quality without any interruption by just a click. Aha streaming this Run movie online. Watch today! 

Genre: Crime

Duration: 87 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

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A cast of the movie

Stars: Navdeep, PujitaPonnada, Venkat, Amit Tiwari

Director: LakshmikanthChenna

Producer: SaibabuJagarlamudi, Y. Raj

Music Director: NareshKumaran

Sandeep (Navdeep) and Sruthi (PujithaPonnada) fall for each other and have a happy life by getting married to each other. They were cheerful,  both plan to celebrate their anniversary at a restaurant for lunch.

Navdeep leaves for a partial day off from his office and reaches the regular restaurant they used to visit and waits for Sruthi. Then an unknown lady with a red dress comes to Sandeep and introduces herself as Rosey (Bhanu Sri) colleague of Sruthi, and informs that Sruthi is busy at the office and couldn’t make it to the restaurant today and gives the letter stating that Sruthi asked to give it to Sandeep.

To his surprise, when Sandeep opens the letter, he finds the following info ‘Can’t stay with you anymore’ he was confused. Suddenly he gets a call that sruthi knows more. Police start suspecting Sandeep, he tries to prove himself, but nothing goes favor to him. Sandeep escaped finding the real suspect. Here the tale of twists begins, his friend Khaleel (Amit Tiwari) tries to protect him from the police, and at the same time, Rosy follows Sandeep and tells him not to trust his friend Khaleel.

Who are they?How did Sruthi die by suicide? Or murder? Was the police suspect,right? How did Sandeep overcome these situations? 

Top 6 Reasons to watch Run movie 

  1. Navdeep has played the one-man show in the movie and drives the movie from start to end.
  2. The screenplay of the movie is very good as it makes the audience sit on the edge of the seat.
  3. PujithaPonnada, who has played the lead actress in the movie, performed very well.
  4. Bhanu Sri, Amith Tiwari, had performed well and turned out to be a good add-on in the movie.
  5. Special mention about Venkat, the hero turned character artist, has excelled in the role of police in the movie.
  6. Background music by NareshKumaran was one of the major highlights of the movie.

Don’t miss watching the crime thriller Run with many twists and turns on Aha streaming OTT.

Watch thriller movies online and Experience the Spine-Chilling Thrill

The Crime thriller Run movie starring Navdeep is a one-man show filled with excitement. Background music composed by NareshKumaran makes audiences want to get involved. The role of every character was executed very well.

The comeback of hero Venkat as a police officer is a great add-on. The screenplay is the major asset of the movie as it keeps the audience engaged. Out and out, don’t miss watching the intense crime thriller Run with many twists and turns in Aha OTT.

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