How to choose the best airlines which are light on your pocket!


What are low cost airlines? Low cost airlines are basically airlines that offer tickets at very low fares. It should be kept in mind that you would not be getting all the privileges that you might be getting in a regular airline. Due to this, people tend to have a negative feeling about low cost airlines. But, one must remember that the whole point of such airlines is that they charge mainly for the services only. If they provide other amenities too, the price would automatically go up and it cannot be called a low-cost airline anymore. Some examples of low cost airlines are Kulala airlines, Fly Mango, Indigo airlines and Virgin airlines.

In low cost airlines like Kulala Airlines, they follow the process of choosing your amenities. For instance, you will have to choose if you want wi-fi, entertainment or a meal. If you choose to have them, you can pay for them, in addition to the initial air ticket fare.

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How to choose airlines?

Obviously, the first thing to look at before buying tickets is the air fare. Even though low cost airlines offer very low rates as compared to other airlines, there is always a difference in prices even among them. So look out for the cheapest price and then decide on the airline.

Of course, you have chosen to travel in a low cost airline because you are on a budget or you don’t care about such luxuries. But you definitely want to have a good flight to your destination. So, before choosing an airline, go through the specifications of the airlines. Choose the one which seems to be more comfortable according to your needs. For instance, some low cost airlines do not have seats that have a slightly better leg room than others. So if you are particular abut your leg comfort, you don’t want to choose such airlines but would rather want to go for another airline with almost the same fare.

Another thing to keep in mind is the baggage specifications. If you are on business trip, you might not have a lot of luggage. But if you are travelling with family, you’ll have it take care that the airline that you will be choosing charges minimally on your baggage. Most of the low cost airlines will charge you for baggage. So choose wisely.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while booking on any low cost airlines is to always read the fine print. Since low cost airlines are very different from the regular airlines, you cannot neglect the fine print. You never know what might and might not be included in your ticket fare. So, do compare the fine prints of different low cost airlines before booking your tickets with any of them.

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