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So imagine your having a party, or some sort of event you need to liven up the place. Make it loud, and fun, not timid, after all that is not going to be considered a party. So what can you do to make it loud? Well you could hire a professional emcee in Singapore, they would surely get the work that they need done.

What is an emcee?

            An emcee is almost like a host, they do all the talking, they will prepare the crowd that means build up their drive, make them more enthusiastic. They are there to make the star of the show shine, and introduce them to the limelight. Emcees should be able to make smooth transitions, and make sure that no disruptions occur.

professional emcee Singapore

How much do they charge?

            The cost for them depends on the events, and for how long they would be doing their job for. Usually it will range from$17 to around $25 per hour. Sometimes they have full payments, more like packages, these can range from $200 to over $500. So a bit pricy but it should be worth it.

Who’s the best?

            If you want a professional emcee Singapore then Charmaine Yee is the person you should call up. She is an astound host, radio, and TV presenter. She will do corporate events, press conferences, product launches, and more. She has had more than 11 years of experience, and she is also bilingual, which will help out a lot.

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