Three Big Tips For Winning at the Online Relationship Game


The other day I was sitting, thinking about what differentiates the gains or the disappointments in the online game. There are three BIG tips that really matter, and they are the same for men and women when they are on the Internet.

  1. What kind of relationship do I really want?

Before you even touch the computer to access the Internet, ask yourself these simple questions and write down the answer in a computer notebook or on a sheet of paper:

What kind of relationship am I really looking for? Answers can vary from a long-term marriage, long-term romantic dating, dating or dating, single-parent dating, homosexual dating, dating, chatting or a night out. The answers to these questions depend on you.

Your lifestyle, personality, dating expectations and commitment are factors that will help you answer the kind of online dating you want to play. Do not rush this initial step or leave it aside, as it is boring or irrelevant, because this is the key factor that determines which game you want to play. After deciding what kind of relationship you want, go online and conduct an online search on the Internet to find out the specific type of relationship you want. Most dating sites are designed for a specific niche of people. This first step allows you to get immediate access to other online donors who have similar intentions with you in terms of commitment to relationships.

dating expectations

  1. Who am I playing for? Me or someone else

Again, take the time to write what your lord or lady will look like, and who they will be for you. Some questions related to this task may be: How does my online date look or sound? What interests should you have with me? What kind of career or salary do they have? What is your family? Do they have children or are they alone? Or what do I think your expectations will be of me?

Do not rush the process by answering these questions, as they form the blocks you want to see on the Internet. The more specific you are, the better the chances of winning a dating game online. Now that you are moving to a dating site based on the type of relationship you want, you can write your profile to a specific audience. The answers to the questions you have found response time should serve as an excellent guide on what to write on your profile.

  1. Pace Out online dating game

Ask yourself a timeline in a paper or computer notebook before responding to any email / visits button or view the profile. Knowing the time you want for your online dating will help you maintain online relationships on the go. To help you in this process, ask yourself: how long do I want to chat / email my online date? When do I want to personally know my personal date? How many dates are we going to continue before declaring this candidate online my lord / madam? ? At what point do I know I won the game?

Now that you are online, you can play your dating game online with the start and end on the site. this is what the winners do, they walk throughout the race from start to finish. Then, your actions on the Internet match the game, for example, how fast you send a card online or call your lord / lady.


When online dating takes a while to analyze the relationships you want, play for the right person and ask the pace of your online dating game, the three main determining factors you won in your online game. The three sets of actions will collectively put you on the path to winning the great victory of your ideal online relationship. What are you waiting for? Come to the track and win your game online!

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