How to Make Sturdy Paper Airplanes in Study Hall


The study room can be a real torture chamber. The monitor in the study room is usually a lower level employee who likes nothing more than running around the room with an iron handle. This is where the paper planes come in. If you do it right, you can fly your plane throughout the study room when you turn the back of the monitor and no one will know it’s you.

Here is a quick guide to making paper plans difficult to throw into the study room or any other boring installation.

Selecting your paper

One would think that the thicker and heavier paper would be the best for making a good paper plane, but that’s not true. You want paper light enough to fly without much effort and easy paper airplane enough to fold without using a book to weigh the plane.

That’s why I recommend standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. Once you become an expert in origami, you can experiment with card stock and harder materials, but by then, keep it in the normal paper of the printer.

Selecting the style of your plane

In conclusion, you can fold fantastic models of planes that do tricks or move in a fun way, but to build hard paper planes for the study room, keep the turn faster to produce the best result . . The basic design: a piece of paper folded in half lengthwise with two small triangular wings to form the nose will fly, but with some modifications, it can really increase.

Launch of your design

A light touch is best when launching a traditional rugged aircraft. You should not launch the plane as much as gently hold it and release it. Use the movement of your hand to give a little boost to the creation of your plane. Too much forward speed will send the plane directly to the ground. Even the best and strongest paper plane will make you look like a loser if it immediately lands on the ground.

Choose the right moment

Knowing how to make durable paper planes in the study room is more than a sturdy construction. You must choose your attack time to get the best results. Wait until the study room monitor is not visible and your friends are less expecting to send the plane. In this way, you will surprise everyone, and you can sit back and enjoy the glory of your impressive flying design without fear of being caught.

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