Why Use Diamonds As An Engagement Ring?


Getting engaged with someone you love can be a really fulfilling moment. This moment is when a couple had agreed together married in the near future. This is engaged status normally starts after the guy proposes to his love. As a tradition, that, of course, needs an engagement ring.

There are many kinds of engagement rings available for purchase or customize. Different gemstones like rubies and sapphires are used. However, nothing beats a diamond engagement ring. This is the most commonly used gemstone on an engagement ring and here are the reasons why.

Hardest Gem

 Diamonds are the hardest gems of all gems. They are uncuttable and unscratchable. A diamond ring is a sturdy ring. It can be worn every day by the engaged woman at any place without worrying that it might get broken or scratched.

Traditional Gem

 Diamonds have been used for centuries as an engagement ring. It has begun as a trend in Europe since the year 1477. It was mostly used by Aristocrats to propose to their respective beloved woman. It was once believed that a diamond has a magical power to make the woman agree on a man’s marriage proposal. Most women cannot actually refuse a diamond ring.

Forever Symbolism

 Because of its hardness, a diamond was tagged as a Forever Gem. Diamonds signify infinity that is why it is perfect for an engagement ring. This edifies the long-lasting love of the couple for one another and a symbol of conviction in staying together forever.

Sincerity Symbolism

 Because of the diamond’s clearness, it has been symbolized as a man’s sincerity in marrying the woman he loves. It also emphasizes the depth of commitment the man has for the woman. Its transparency had made it ideal for such a life committing engagement.

Sparkling Ownership

 Another eye catching feature of a diamond that everyone loves is the fact that it sparkles. When hit by light, it gives off such a brilliant shine that will look like a star on the woman’s finger. This sparkling feature is not only for the purpose of beauty but also a sign of ownership. Because diamonds are attention grabbers, this will make everyone know that the woman who bears this is already taken.

With these undeniably reasonable reasons, it is a no wonder why diamonds are used as engagement rings. Even though how expensive it is, men will still buy or customize a diamond engagement ring for their love. Engagement rings, of course, are replaced with wedding rings. The woman can keep her ring as a remembrance. If she decided to sell it, she can make a good sum of money out of it. Click the link for online sites where you can sell diamond engagement rings.


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