What do you have to consider in buying a headphone stand?


The use of a headphone stand is good storage for your banded headphones. It lessens the mess in your workspace. There are desktop accessories that are not only for protecting your headphones and organizing the cords but can also be stylish. The headphone stands are only basic; it only has a base and hanging hook. There is also the latest version of the headstand which includes USB, AUX ports, newer designs, and cable organizers.

Other than the design the best headphones should be durable and stylish to fill your needs. When you’re Addicted to Audio’s headphone stands you have to look for the best features of headphone stands.

What to check when looking for a headphone stand?

The headphone stand can be stylish banded headphones for your desk. Headphones are quite nice and it is your greatest investment. When you keep your headphones in your drawer it can cause damage as it can tangle the cords to other equipment that you have. Keeping it in your drawer is unnecessary.

 You have to consider buying a headphone stand. To look for the best you have to check its material whether it is durable or not and the features.

Types of headphones stand

Headphone stands can be a great display on your table or nightstand. Rather than keeping them in your drawer. There are desktop headphone stands that are common these days as they can be great for space-saving.

  • Under desk – this type of model is being attached on the side of the desk. There is a design in which the holders are clipped in the edge of the desk while some need to be attached using screws or stickers. These stands can take a little space on your table.
  • Dual headphone stands – it is perfect when you have two headphones. Most of the designs that you will see are a T-shaped bar so you can have the other pair on the side without consuming your desk space.
  • It could be for your work or gaming there are stands that have USB and AUX ports. These kinds of features can be useful for connecting to other devices.

What do you have to consider in buying a headphone stand?


Most of the stands are made out of wood, plastic, or metal. They have different styles and hooks that are available in the market. It will depend on the design of your headphones that suits you best. For headphones that have a padded headband, you have to use a padded stand to avoid denting.

A suitable cushioning is unnecessary for metal or hard plastic headphones. But the harder materials also need protection. A stand that has a smoother finish can avoid any scratches on the headphones. Polished wood and smooth metal can be less likely to get a scratch. You will see under the base there is rubber to avoid slipping or scratching your table.

Available space

It is another factor that you have to know when you buy a headphone stand. You have to think about how wide and tall your stand is to meet your needs. Most of the stands have a small footprint and don’t need to take up too much space on your table.

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