Anatomy of a Vaping Device


The vaping industry in the recent times have been witnessing great growth with many people opting to vape instead of smoking cigarette, this is why there are a wide range ofvaping devices available to suit the needs and likings of vapers. While most of these devices have similar parts and functions, you can pick a vape device that will best suit your purpose for vaping.

Vaping is a completely different process from smoking. This is why it’s recommended that you should also be careful when choosing your vapingdevice and should consider how long you’ve been vaping so that you don’t needlessly endanger yourself and can fully enjoy your vaping experience.

Picking the rightvaping device can be very confusing because nowadays there are thousands of different typesof these vapingdevices availablethat can send your head spinning. You can find many of them in online vape shop. However, if you’re new to buying vapes this guide will help you streamline your selection process and choose the best vape for your needs.

What is aVape Device made of?

There are thousands of vaping devices that are available in the market today, each varying in size, design, and form. While they might visually look quite different from each other, vapes or e-cigarettes generally have similar parts. It’s important for you to understand how these parts work so that you can choose the right device.


It’s obvious thata battery is the power source of a vaping device, which can be either disposable or rechargeable. With disposable batteries, the battery is no longer useful when it has been used up. Whereas with the rechargeable batteries, you can plug them into a USB port or power outlet in order to be used again.


The tank is a collective term used for the area where the e-liquid, coils, and wicks are stored and there are different types of tanks for different vaping devices. In simpler devices like the cigalikes, the tank simply stores the e-liquid, coils and wicks. Whereas more advanced devices have tanks that can be fiddled with in order to achieve the desired vapor output. These tanks are either disposable or refillable.


This part contains the batteries that connect to the vape’s tank.


The e-Liquid is the substance which is responsible for giving flavour to the vape. Itgenerally contains propylene glycol, nicotine, and vegetable glycerin. The e-Liquid tends to heats up when the device is switched on, which in turn becomes vapor when breathe out. It’s one of the most important part of a vape.


The coils are the wired section present in the tank that may be pre-made or customized. It consists of an absorbent, like cotton which is wicked into the tank’s coils so the e-Liquid is absorbed to be used when the coils are heated.

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