Avoid These Seven Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home


Selling your home is an incredibly complicated and emotionally draining experience. And home sellers, first-timers or otherwise could very easily make mistakes. Here is a heads-up on the common house selling mistakes and why they should be avoided.

  1. FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

Many home sellers think they can make more money by skimping on a real estate agent. Don’t! A reliable real estate agent at quadwalls.com is invaluable when selling your home.

A reputable real estate agent will:

  • increase your chances of a fast and profitable sale by helping you set a fair and competitive price.
  • deal with potential buyers saving you time, effort and emotional stress of having to interact with non-serious buyers up to your profits with their tried and tested negotiating skills handle problems that usually arise along the way ensure a smooth process by taking care of tasks you are not familiar with e. g. pricing, paperwork, negotiation
  1. Emotional Attachment

To most people, a house is not just a piece of property but a piece of themselves. Wonderful memories would undoubtedly have been made within those four walls. Try to think of selling as an exclusively financial aspect to minimize the emotional stress you might experience.

  1. Unrealistic Price Quote

Price is the first thing potential buyers will consider. They want to stick to the price range that they have decided upon. And they would have scouted around or studied the comparative market analysis (CMA) provided by their agent. As a rule, overpriced homes usually don’t sell. Set a fair and competitive one if you are serious about selling.

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  1. Less than Picture Perfect

You will be posting pictures of your house online as will thousands of other sellers. Make sure your photos stand out against the rest.

Crisp, clear and vibrant pictures will attract more interest from potential buyers.

It is wise to avail of the services of a professional real estate photographer who will showcase your home’s best assets.

A video tour or a 360 degree view will give you a big advantage as they enable buyers to appreciate your home quite comprehensively.

  1. Non Disclosure of Major Problems

Trying to hide major problems in your home is useless. The buyer will thoroughly inspect your property and will hire a home inspector to make sure they are not duped.

Do repairs beforehand to increase your home’s value.

  1. Not Staging Beautifully

A clean and well-staged home gives a very good impression and will pique the potential buyers’ interest. It also gives you the opportunity to command a higher price.

  1. Not Entertaining Buyers

You need to be extra accommodating if you want to make a sale. A great number of people will want to inquire and view your home. If this is quite inconvenient for you, let your real estate agent do their job and let them deal with the hassle.

Being prepared and careful planning will bring the chances of committing mistakes down to a minimum. It is always sagacious to hire professional real estate agents who will assist you all throughout the process. Their experience and expertise will ensure you of a good profit the soonest.

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