Basic Understanding About Litigation And Litigators


Many of you have faced moments in your life afflicting enough to raise a furor within you. A time when you go through a mental agony and agitation, that you succumb to the trauma. The perturbation isn’t just limited to negligence in road crashes causing injuries or deaths but it is also triggered by drudgery, false accusation, wills/estate disputes and more. Here the only door opened to get justice or dispute settlement is through court.

What is Litigation?

Litigation in the simplest words is a process of initiating a legal action against any feud or conflict arising due to the occurrence of a certain incident or accident. When two opposite parties involved in a dispute bring the issue in the civil court of law in expectation to get justice, it is the act of fighting or defending either side of the two parties. Litigation offers the legal to solve controversies and settle disputes or other judicial trials.

legal action

Who are Litigators?

As mentioned above litigation revolves around lawsuits, trials, courtrooms and dispute settlement or compensatory settlements. But who are the people in authority representing the subject of either side? Usually, in legal terms, a lawyer is the person they represent the name or face of a party during any legal conflict but if we talk about litigation lawsuit the professionals fighting and defending either of the two parties are known as a Litigation Attorneys or Litigators.

Phases of Litigation:

  1. Inquiry and Investigation-Inquiry and investigation of about the lawsuit are conducted.
  2. Extracting evidence-All possible evidence about the trial/lawsuit is extracted.
  3. Pleading and discovery-During the pretrial phase all the pleading, the motion is filed and discoveries are exchanged.
  4. Trials and Settlement-Trials are conducted in the court and possible dispute settlements are made.
  5. Appeal processes(if required)-The appeal is basically reviewing the court’s decision for possible errors.

Litigation attorneys are basically the stereotypical faces that people imagine fighting or defending the accused in the civil court. Litigation lawsuits represent court cases like- Estate settlement, Business disputes or Trust litigations etc.

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