Know how To Clean Your System fast


There is no self-cleaning smart tool in a desktop, in fact, the very algorithm and design of hard disks, memory and any form of optical storage is in discriminatory in that it does not deem which is useless junk and which isn’t. Data is data, and the machine is not reflexive nor does it have the faculties for self-determination. It will organize them in a way that makes most sense and utilize the space the most efficient way. This is not cleaning up the computer, merely reorganizing to use up whatever space you have. But even your desktop needs to breathe and after a while, all the unwanted junk will become giant invaders of speed. Here I will teach you how to clean up computer – eliminating all the unwanted junk that you really don’t need any more.

How to clean your system fast

Programs come with their own baggage and how they are written, coded and executed will depend on how much of this debris they leave behind in your desktop. From temporary files, system files strewn about, unwanted DLL’s to free floating unknown extensions thrown about your hard disk’s memory banks just as almost an afterthought, there are countless ways in which these software can choke up your system. What’s worse is finding out that there are programs running in the background you had no idea about, eating up precious memory and slowing down the PC even more. I mean, one seems like a non-issue, but wait a few months and the cumulative effect is like throwing a mountain in the middle of a highway. Clean up your computer, and know what is going on. Some people have ten or more unnecessary programs running on start-up, making launching Windows and checking their mails on par with writing a 200 page novel. This is your PC and you should be dictating what is running, what is installed and what should be chucked in the recycle bin. Just do a scheduled maintenance, check occasionally the integrity of your computer’s memory banks, and clean up the clutter!


How to clean your system fast? Be ‘aware’ of these things and you’ll realize my whimsical sentence makes more sense than just annoying you. I consider cookies a form of spyware because after a while, and left to their own doings, they will choke up your surfing experience. Adware and spyware install all sorts of junk in your computer, from discarded bite sized pieces to car-sized behemoths that launch background applications and try to use your PC as a money-generating machine – without you being aware of it. Ever had your browser lock up, invaded by pop ups, taskbars you never knew came with I.E or new fangled advertisements telling you that you need a ‘bigger package’, regardless of your gender? Then you have been invaded by insidious worms of programs that crawl and leave their dirty digital footprints all over the place. Get an anti spyware program! Get an antivirus! It will do you good!

My last piece of advice to you is to get a good registry cleaner and optimizer. I will akin the registry to a matrix of elevators in an extremely busy office complex. If the whole system gets chugged, nothing gets done. Everything crucial is written in the registry, and after time there will be a buildup of junk that will cause massive slowdowns. A good registry cleaner and optimizer will identify all the problems and keep your computer running fast in no time at all. These are just some of the ways you can eliminate all the unwanted junk from your computer and regain its speed. You can find many more tips on how to clean up computer online, the way you found this article in the first place.

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