How to Hire the Best Staff for Your Event


No matter what kind of event you are having, its success will always depend on the staff and their interaction with the guests. Your party hostesses, waitresses, waiters, bartenders, and promotional staff, and even the male waiters for hen parties are the face of the event and this is crucial to strengthening your relationships with the guests. This is why it is important to hire the right people. Here are some tips to help you with this task:

Decide fast

Don’t spend too much time deciding who to hire. Event staff doesn’t stay free for long. When you have chosen a staff, hire them; and don’t wait for two to three weeks or they won’t be available anymore.

Estimate what your event requires

As accurate as possible, estimate the size, duration, and audience of your set event for you to determine the ideal number of staff your event requires. You also have to consider their age, gender, cultural diversity, and experiences.

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Share important information

When you hire a staff, it is important that you provide them with significant details about the event. This will ensure that the staff will have the right expectations and will know how to handle the event if ever something goes awry.

Arrange interviews

Make it a point to arrange an interview with the staff either through phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person. You certainly don’t want to hire someone you haven’t even spoken to.

Honestly inform the staff of what the job includes

It’s better to discuss in advance the responsibilities with all the candidates for staff. Don’t shy away from mentioning the negative or undesirable aspects of the job. When you do this, it may cause more stress and trouble in the end. By being honest with the candidates, they are more likely to work with you until the end of the event and maybe even in the future.

Always prioritize experience instead of good looks

Good looks are important to haul in more people to your event. But to ensure a successful event, the more essential things to look for are professionalism, experience, and personality. By going for these qualities, you are closer to achieving the objectives for your event. This is true even when you hire topless waitresses in Sydney for a stag party.

When you hire new staff, you may resort to the DIY method which can take time. The most convenient way is to outsource it. During this time, there are so many things on your plate that it would be hard for you to focus on hiring new staff. When you outsource to event staffing agencies, you will leave the interviews and research to licensed professionals. These agencies have time-honored interviewing techniques intended to hire the right professionals.

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