The Plentiful and Colorful Villains From Super Mario Bros


Introduction Super Mario Brothers has solidified itself for years as the most well-known video game franchise of all time. Dating all the way back from 1985 to present day, the series has gone through a gargantuan amount of evolution. One of these categories of evolution involve the franchise’s villains! Here, we’ll be going over the cast of bad guys from Mario Brothers!

Bowser Easily the most notorious villain in Super Mario and probably in gaming in general, it’s the Koopa King: Bowser! Obviously since he’s the “Koopa King”, Bowser is a giant koopa, which are a race of turtle-ish creatures in the Mario universe. He sports a huge, spiked shell, red hair in the shape of a pseudo-mohawk, spiked chokers around his arms and neck, and an overall large physical build. He boasts physical strength fitting of his stature, his signature fire breathing, hammers that he throws at Mario, and the ability to grow to a colossal size as shown in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and New Super Mario Bros. It can also be guessed that Bowser is immortal due to his reappearance in every single game! Bowser in the early years had the stereotypical villain personality; however, the Mario RPG games have explored him deeper as he’s shown to express pride, humor, contempt, and willingness to help out the main gang in a “enemy of my enemy” situation.

bad guys from mario brothers

Whilst his main motivations remain among kidnapping Princess Peach and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, he does contest with other villains when his army and castle are put at stake, which best displays his pride of his achievements and troops. Ever since these developments, Bowser has become a beloved character in the Mario franchise.
Fawful Quite possibly the fan-favorite villain of the Mario & Luigi games, we have the psychotic, but hilarious Fawful! Fawful is a descendant of the Bean race, a race in the Mario universe of those who relate to bean qualities and such; his stature is short, shorter than Mario, and he possesses a seemingly permanent maniacal smile. Fawful speaks in comically broken English, but that shouldn’t deter you from his genius planning and brilliant design of his machines, with an example being his Vacuum Helmet.

The ridiculous food metaphors and odd sayings of Fawful is one of the main reasons he’s so adored by the fanbase. He expresses a rather sociopathic personality as Fawful showcases extreme cases of narcissism, anger, and a general lack of empathy and sympathy, with the exception of his ex-leader: Cackletta. His previous actions include assisting in Cackletta in attempting to take over, and later try to destroy both the Beanbean and Mushroom kingdoms in Superstar Saga. Later, in Bowser’s Inside Story, he takes actions into his own hands and takes over Bowser’s castle and focuses on capturing the Dark Star in order to possess its power! Fawful is one of those villains that nobody can truly hate in terms of sheer distaste.

Cackletta Previously mentioned, Cackletta is the main villain of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. She is a Beanish Witch who had her sights on the Beanstar, looking to seize its power to grant any wish in order to conquer the Beanbean and Mushroom kingdoms. Cackletta expresses a stereotypical personality and voice that of a evil witch, along with the same signs of anger, selfishness, and lack of sympathy that her assistant, Fawful, shows. After failing to conquer both kingdoms and the loss of her body, Cackletta possessed Bowser’s body and assumed the goal of destroying the kingdoms instead, which she proceeded to do by taking Bowser’s Castle and air bombing both nations. She is only able to have been defeated after her very soul was destroyed by the Mario Brothers in a fierce final battle! What other villain had to be defeated by going that far?

Count Bleck In the overlooked Super Paper Mario, we have the surprisingly deep Count Bleck! Who first is portrayed as a stereotypical Mario villain, we get a tragic and deep villain fueled by past regrets and sadness. This is a spoiler for Super Paper Mario, by the way. After losing his life’s love, Timpani, Bleck lost all caring of the world and wanted everything to be destroyed. This traumatic experience motivated Bleck to gather up a small, but trusted and cared-for band of minions, and forced Peach and Bowser into a marriage which birthed the Chaos Heart, the tool Bleck needed to wipe every dimension and world from existence.

After clearing away Bleck’s evil attitude towards the world, he demonstrates himself to be a loving person, and reverts his villain status towards the end of the game. A box of tissues will definitely be needed for this poor gentleman.

Kamek Kamek is a wise, old, and powerful Koopa wizard who holds very close position to Bowser. He is most well-known for his role in Yoshi’s Island, where Kamek attempts to kidnap both Mario brothers as babies after seeing that in the future they would foil every single one of Bowser’s plots. He sure was right! Being a powerful wizard, Kamek obviously possesses high intelligence as well as seemingly psychic abilities with his crystal ball. He shows a great deal of caring for Bowser, having raised him since he was a baby. He can fire blasts of magic from his rod, summon enemies, ride around on a magic broomstick, and can cast spells to enhance the size of various enemies, such as he did with baby Bowser at the end of Yoshi’s Island. When you look at the series chronologically, Kamek can be seen as the first of many villains!

Conclusion Because of this seemingly ever-evolving cast of colorful (or dark) enemies, the Mario Brothers franchise will go on for years and years even more! Hopefully in that evolving cast and those upcoming years, we’ll get even more great bad guys to laugh at and enjoy!

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