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 Utilization of time in the busy industry of the real-estates is essential. In the real-estates, any delay with the project can end up badly and cost the company a lot. It is very crucial that procurement of the materials and land acquisition are delivered in time manner or else the progress of the activities will slow-down exponentially.

Good project management of the team members is a key to the success of the finishing the project on-time and in a passable quality condition. With so many team members, monitoring the progress of each of the member is quite challenging and time consuming if asked periodically. Delegation of the project activities is also hard without help from powerful tools since changes are expected and flexibility must be put into the equation. Budget allocation will be also tedious to monitor manually especially with tons of purchase orders and continuous budget releases.

Content Management System to the Rescue

The innovative software that utilized the content management system are currently being integrated by the medium to large real estate companies because of the conveniences it brings and benefits in improving the administrative and clerical works within the standard operation. Business solutions made accessible through internet and cloud servers that will make the transmission of information throughout the basic units of team.

It has powerful tools that helps automate clerical works for faster response and delivery of important documents. Some content management system is made with specialization in accounting and project management. There is variety of content management system products for all the needs for business operations. Service providers such as SAP SE, Oracle and Swiss Post Solutions or SPS are aiming to help business by improving its performance and automation of the processes involved that has huge impact in the time and cost efficiency.

Budget Monitoring and Project Management

In one real estate project, there are lot of items to be considered when allocating a budget for it. Cost of due diligence like land survey and soil exploration. There is also item for legal fees for the process of transferring titles for land acquisition. Professional fees for acquiring registered professionals like architect, civil engineers, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and other engineering disciplines involved in designing a feasible project.

As you can see, before a project by real estate to be approved and shown to the public, lots of due diligence and activities are conducted. To allocate a budget and to constantly monitoring it to assure that the cost of the project won’t inflate than the original estimated cost. It is also hard to know if you are only looking at lump sum amount if there are possible savings to be re-allocated.  The difficulties of delegating workload and monitoring the progress of the team members in the project area can be stressful and problematic.  It also takes up time to consolidate reports and to resolve problems that occurs if the method of monitoring is ineffective.

Therefore, with the development of content management system products, complex and complicated task are simplified by the tools and features available in them. There are CMS products specialized in procurement and accounting, where you can monitor movement of the allocated budget. Charging of the purchase orders are reflected on the system and shows the remaining budget per line item which made easy to find savings for re-allocation. There are also products that specialized in man power scheduling and monitoring that can be accessed by all team members via the internet. In which saves time from constant meetings and introduce flexibility to adjust schedules of the task depending on the progress. It is truly a wonderful tool that accessorized real estate business for improved performance and great medium to have a cost efficient business model.


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