Payday Loans vs. Credit Card: How to Deal With Cash Emergencies

There will always be unexpected expenses, and by nature, these can come from practically out of nowhere. Accidents can happen, and hospital bills are no joke. For businesspeople, trying to let the company stay afloat requires a huge amount of cash. You might even be stuck in traffic, and then suddenly your car decides to accelerate for no apparent reason, hitting another vehicle in front of you.

The scenarios mentioned above are, but a few of the many instances wherein monetary assistance might be a requirement. But one thing’s for sure – it’s not going to be cheap. Emergencies like these are a part of everyday living, but it doesn’t mean we have to deal with it by ourselves. We do have choices, and two of those options are either to use a credit card to pay the bills or to apply for payday loans.

Limitations to Lending Cash

You might’ve heard of the term “credit card limit,” and this is a ceiling that credit or banking institutions make to avoid overspending. Credit cards are primarily designed to cover daily purchases. Limitations can differ by the thousands, and sometimes it’s enough to cover payment for that one dress you’ve been eyeing for a month. However, paying for car repairs or expensive hospital bills are another story as these expenditures are usually very costly. As such, credit cards might not be a viable solution in dealing with large payments.

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Payday loans, on the other hand, can help cover medical expenses, that hole in the ceiling, or when purchasing a new refrigerator because your old model decided to call it quits. In this case, a portion of the lent money is paid off every payday of the borrower. Acquiring payday loans from a bank might be difficult for some, especially if the cash aid needs to arrive soon. Quick loan providers do exist to give personal loans to those who need it, and these lenders provide fast and simple processing for loan applications.

Usability of the Monetary Aid

Without a merchant terminal, credit cards are practically useless. For example, if the hospital doesn’t support your credit card, then you’re out of luck. Albeit many locations now accept credit cards, always remember these are still not universal.

A payday loan, on the contrary, is cold, hard cash deposited directly to your draft account Even though the borrower will send the payments directly to the lender during each payday, the money is technically now owned by the entity who requested for the monetary aid.

Another benefit to using the cash acquired from the payday loan is you can work with a business to try and lower costs, and this usually works if there is a requirement for you to pay a large sum of money. If you do opt to use a credit card, then remember that businesses need to process credit card fees, and these can be non-negotiable.

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