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Throwing a theme party is one of the best ways to ensure that your bash will be a raging success. It gears away from the usual “come as you are” kind of things so your intended guests’ interests will definitely be piqued. The fun starts even before the party does. Upon receiving the invites, your guests will be working their imaginations over time, feeling excited about what outfit would be awesome enough to wear. A nice touch would be to let them know that a best in costume award awaits – everyone would love to live out their fantasies once in a while.

American TentBelow are a few theme party suggestions that will make your invitees free up their sked.

  1. Potterheads Unite

All those Harry and Hermione wannabes will be polishing their wands and stitching in their monograms. You can group your guests according to their houses of choice when it’s time for the games to begin. Not to worry, they are not too keen on quidditch. A giant chess game would be good enough. Give them a taste of Chocolate Frogs and Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream. The bar will certainly be busy handing out those Butterbeers and Firewhiskies in old fashioned mugs.

  1. The Carnival Is In Town

Whether you’re having kids or adults as guests, you can very easily transform a humble backyard tent into a festive carnival of magic shows and games such as shoot the ducks and balloon darts with lots of teddy bears for the winners. You can go full speed on your decoration ideas without being afraid of going overboard. Plugin those popcorn making machines, grill a ton of hotdogs, have barrels of drinks ready and have fun!

  1. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Let your guests experience a whole new world as they come in their finest middle eastern vestments. Light their way with the use of not so magic lamps and roll out the non-flying magic carpet. Bring the exotic and mysterious folk tales to life. Floor pillows in vibrant colors as seats and a lot of gold shimmers and colored stones will complete the exotic ambiance.

  1. Make Your Own Sundae

This would just be perfect for a summer children’s birthday party. Fill your buffet table with ice cream tubs in various flavors, whipped cream, healthy slices of fruits and colorful sprinkles and see those chubby faces break out into big toothy smiles.  Cones in varied colors and shapes add a touch of whimsy, too. Just keep loads of napkins and baby wipes handy as your child will shower you with sticky kisses in gratitude.

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