Alexei OrlovAnd His Business Empire, MTM Choice


His Empire, MTM Choice

It was in 2017 that one of the most influential and experienced global marketers, alexeiorlov, founded his empire MTM Choice. The MTM choice since its foundation functioned brilliantly and extraordinarily resulting in it having about a total of 150 satisfied clients. His thirty years of rich experience with about 5o various brands in 40 various countries strengthened his MTM Choice’s excellency. The company’s success is visible in its growth and achievements as it has

  • 120 clients
  • 160 skilled employees
  • Offices in Milan, Los Angeles, New York, and London
  • 90/100 CEO approval rating
  • Revenue of 75 Million Dollars

Brand Building 

His Experience

Orlovhas worked with various reputed companies such as Volkswagon, Omnicon,RAPP, Wunderman, etc and his services gained all these institutions huge profits and reach. He was the youngest executive of all who got ever appointed in the director position at Avon. There he served as the marketing director of The Avon Cosmetics retails in Europe. This seasonal practitioner of global marketing and international business leadership had unbreakable and effective marketing strategies and plans for every institution he joined.  Once theGlobal Brand Communications Director for Volva cars and Volvo UK’s marketing director, provide his hundred percent services for the growth and enrichment of the company also.

Now he as the founder and CEO of the MTM Choice is providing excellent and quality services to both local as well as international clients. The skilled practitioners of MTM Choice deliver high-precision brand activation and media optimization. It was alexei orlov’s rich experience and dedication that make the MTM Choice a big success and a very reliable and efficient company serving a lot of happy clients. He and his life is actually an inspiration to all those aspirants who have the determination and strength in them to become a successful businessman or marketer in this highly competitive world.

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