Situations Where You Can Use a Lie Detector Test


With a huge diversity and a mix of good and bad people, the world isn’t all pleasant and kind for everyone. Today, you find people cheating their own family members and friends and committing crime. Since trusting doesn’t always pay a positive price, when you have doubts, you can depend on a lie detector test to make things clear. While you know why basically a lie detector test is used, you might ask-what are the circumstances under which these tests can be used. Here’s a list of situations where you can use a lie detector test.

Pre-employment screening

Using polygraph test, companies determine whether the background, personality, and past work experience of candidate is genuine and trustable. Employment procedure in places like banks needs to be very strict since people being employed handle money and sensitive information.

Fraud or theft related issues

When companies encounter fraud and theft related allegations on an employer or employee, lie detector tests help in the process of investigation. When there isn’t proper evidence, a lie detector test helps providing needed evidence and arriving at conclusions.

lie detector test

Sex offense

Lie detector tests are of great use in cases involving sex offense. By administering a lie detector test at the end of the offender’s sentence, it is made sure whether the person is ready to be out in the world without being a threat to the society.

False claims

When people are thrust with false allegations, it is their right to prove that they are not guilty. When the already existing evidence doesn’t suffice, people can use lie detector tests. Using a lie detector test, people can prove their innocence and escape false allegations.


When there is any trouble in a relationship involving cheating, keeping some information away, or similar troubles, the person being the victim can identify deception using a lie detector test. When the partner agrees to take the test, everything falls into place and it is clear what the person has been lying about.

Family problems

Within a family, when someone suspects that one of the members is being dishonest in a business or any serious matter, a lie detector test can be used to investigate and reach conclusions. This would help in finding out and confirming whether the family member has been cheating or not.

While these are the situations where you can use a lie detector test to find out the truth of the matter and reach conclusions, there are ethics and legal aspects involved. Keeping these ethical limits in consideration, you can use a lie detector test for tackling matters involving deception, cheating, theft, and fraud.

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