Introducing the New AVAST Free 2018


Avast is one of the largest and the most popular security companies in the world of technology today. The company is using next-generation technology to fight against cyber attacks. What makes Avast different is that they have a cloud-based machine learning engine which receives data from almost half a billion users.

Avast sees everything that happens on the internet. Everything from good and bad, giving them the opportunity to be the first to detect any potential threats online. Everyone is aware of Avast security. You use it in your smartphones, computers, laptops, and so much more. When you buy a new phone, this is the first application that you download before everything else.

The Avast Free 2018 Update

If you already have Avast on your device you need to keep it up to date. The Free Antivirus Avast Free 2018 update is one of the pride of the company. They have helped millions of people. What makes it special among the other antivirus programs is that Avast is 100% free to download.

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The Best Antivirus.

Avast is considered as the best not only by professionals but also by ordinary users. Avast is widely used as an effective and most reliable antivirus protection all over the world. The program is well known for its speed of operation which is also unique when it comes to detecting threats and providing solutions. This new update works on all Windows platforms, 32 and 64 bit. The good thing about Avast is that they also have the mobile version of this anti-virus for Android.

  • The Active Shield. This shield protects the devices from threats like viruses, malware, questionable files and websites which can harm your computer or device.
  • Community IQ. This is a special module which collects potentially dangerous applications from Avast users all around the globe.

What’s New with the Avast Free 2018?

With the new Avast, the malware detection engines and malicious software is improved. If you have the paid version, “Avast Antivirus Premier,” the program has a new feature. The Webcam Shield. This has gluing lenses for cameras that are mounted on laptops and will go on history.  In addition to this, the new Avast also includes bug fixes threats that may include the recent cyber crime phishing scam.

Avast is continuously helping its users protect their devices from danger. With the new update of the free avast pobierz or Avast 2018 download, you are sure that all your devices are protected without having to pay anything just to download it.

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