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Don’t be surprised.  Many people have not heard about Melanotan.  Melanotan is the tanning peptide, which stimulates production of the melanin in your body to foster deep and natural tan.  It is our body’s way to protect itself from a lot of sun exposure just by increasing melanin level in your body.  Melanin is body’s natural response for UV damage.  End result will be skin darkening. Obviously, drawback from a lot of tanning is an amount of damage that UV radiation will do.  This will lead to the skin cancer or other serious health issues if you do not go according to the Melanotan 2 Dosage Chart.

How Does It Work?

Melanotan II generally works by stimulating release of pigment melanin from your skin. The less UV exposure will be essential with Melanotan II compared to the “normal tanning”, and tan that happens with tanning injections will be deeper as well as longer lasting than individual’s “normal tan”. The Melanotan works right (has noticeable effects) on the people with the fair skin tones.

How is Melanotan 2 Used?

Peptide can be shipped enclosed in the vial.   This is in the powder form that should be reconstituted by using the sterile water and injected under your skin where it’s absorbed in your skin and spread all across the body.


Long Lasting Tan:  Even though dosage will be stopped, sun-kissed tan will last for many months at time without any kind of exposure to sun.  Conversely, sun tans developed fade naturally in around month’s time.

Flexibility:  Can take small loading dosage with continued use until the desired skin pigmentation will be achieved.  When achieved just have to dose once each week to maintain same pigment.

Decreased exposure to sunlight:  Melanotan still requires exposure to sunlight being effective.  But, it can allow user the significant reduction within time to develop desired tan.

Are there any Side effects?

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Side effects for the Melanotan 2 include appetite loss, nausea, increased libido and facial flushing. Side effects are mild and generally tend to reduce with time. But, some research states nausea will be reduced just by injecting MT2 after dinner and before bed. Athletes or bodybuilders have injected the peptides intermittently to prolong the tan since tan aided by the Melanotan will last 2 to 3 times long as the normal tan. Just like other peptides, even Melanotan is the fragile molecule, thus Melanotan nasal sprays, pills, pre-mixed peptides, oral or loose powder aren’t legitimate for the research effectiveness.

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