Understanding the Aspects of Samsung Note Series


Samsung galaxy note is the first phablet which came into the smartphone market and became a success. With the release of Samsung galaxy note then other Samsung a series were released like note 2, note 3 and neo, note 4, note 5, note 6, and note 7. The Samsung a series price Singapore offers you these models at its place where you can check its features and purchase them.

Which type of Samsung note series is best?

Samsung note 1:

This is the flawless device which launched as a phone plus tablet called as phablet. Its drawback is that it failed itself to deliver the camera departments and quality of call. But it was sold in a rough way by ten million units.

Samsung note 2:

It became the successor of Samsung galaxy note. It turned better in some areas than first phone.  It was enhanced with a stylus pen and its camera produced great images. Its quality of call was commendable.

samsung note series price in Singapore

Samsung note 3:

It has improved abilities and ensure as the best phone to offer better battery life. The stylus pen released with improvements.

Samsung note 3 neo:

This is the device which is similar to galaxy note 2. The design had a faux leather at the rear side. This phone is expensive than the Samsung note 3.

Samsung note 4:

It has four GB ram with capabilities of multitasking. This has fresh standards in the category of phablet. It consists of camera phone.

Thus, these are some phones of note series which has their own advantages and disadvantages. It might be best to buy anyone based on your needs. But in 2020 the new series of Samsung note 20 are being released. Try to look at those features and purchase them.

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