The most common problem that we go through while designing any morale patches is that what should be the perfect color of the design. The color of design depends upon a place to place as different place look attractive in different color. Civilian grey sometimes looks brown and it doesn’t suit on the environment of urban areas. Concrete designs are also in demand nowadays but it is not sure that everywhere it looks good.

Selecting the proper line for flag

 Selecting lines for the flag is a very serious job for this one needs to be very careful and as it is much-honored work one who is designing has to be the best in its profession. Here we detail the story behind each and the profound meaning of them all.

Every police officer needs flag symbol as their custom morale patches and therefore it becomes more serious because policemen have to spend most of their time with public and if they do not wear proper flag it will be disrespecting your nation.

Some important lines of the flag

  • RedlineAlthough most Americans became aware of the phrase ‘Thin Blue Line’ first, The British traditionally lined their soldiers in line four deep red lines and then a thick blue line. Hence it designed it that way also.
  • Green line– The Thin Green Line pays homage to Federal Agents including Park Rangers, Border Patrol, Game Wardens, & Conservation Personnel. An Australian Park Ranger, Sean Willmore created a documentary named ‘Thin Green Line’. He interviewed rangers from around the world, documenting some of their extreme challenges and dangerous encounters while protecting wildlife and the public.
  • Orange line-In most emergencies, search & rescue personnel are first responders, and the last to leave. TheThin Orange Line is symbolic of these sacrifices given by Search & Rescue and EMS
  • Yellow line-TheThin Yellow Line represents Security Guards, and their dedication and commitment to the public’s safety and well.


So from the wholediscussion, we come to a point where we should understand that designing a flag as accustom morale patch is not easy work. It requires a lot of concentration and full dedication with respect in your soul towards your nation. If all these are not present in any person he cannot design a flag of the country. Every single design where small or big has its own importance so it is required not to lose concentration and focus while designing all these important flags.

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