Types of SUP Boards


SUP boards are the most water friendly boards. Whether you decide SUP boarding in a river, inland waters, lake, or open sea- it is never impossible to miss the fun of water sports. To make sure you get the right SUP board for the right purpose, you need to know the types of them. Here’s a little list for letting you know the types of SUP boards and what they are ideal for.

Surf specific SUP boards

These boards are designed for being used in the surfing zone just as the name suggests. These are high performance boards letting you make quick turns. These SUP boards are shorter, lighter, and narrower as compared to other boards. To be precise, their nose and tail are quite narrow. If you plan covering long distance with your board, they are not the right choice. This is because they are less stable compared to other boards, and to keep them in the right track, you’ll have to a lot of work.

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Touring or all-round SUP boards

The all-round SUP boards are multipurpose boards. Whether you plan to cruise outside of the surfing zone, or just decide to go flat water paddling, these boards serve the purpose perfectly. Also, they are perfect for you if you are a beginner and plan to stay in flat water mostly. They have been designed in a way that fits beginners just right. These boards are longer, wider, with a greater volume, and a pointed nose. They are quite stable.

Inflatable SUP boards

These are easy to store and carry for people who live in apartments and own cars that can’t accommodate typical boards. As they are inflatable, they are comparatively lighter too. These are perfect for river SUP boarding since they act like river rafts. The only problem you might face with them is they lack the stiffness of a typical board which might make riding them a challenge.

Racing SUP boards

Racing SUP boards are right for you if you plan to get trained and hit the waves as a racer or competitor. These SUP boards have been designed in a way that makes them stay on a single track and cut through water swiftly. These are narrower and longer, with super pointy nose and long fin. Beginners better not get these since they are highly unstable unless you are at a high speed.

SUP yoga boards

These are way longer and way wider boards with a soft top. These boards are for people who like fancying up their yoga regimes and taking it to water bodies. These boards come with places where you can accommodate exercise tools and also with safety equipment.

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