Tips for safety while using a space heater


Space heaters a very good option to get warm air in those cold days. However, they carry a risk of fire and electric shock if they are not used properly. In fact, there are many instances of fires at homes that are caused due to space heaters leading to death of thousands of people. Hence, safety is the top most priority when you are using a space heater. Here are some tips that can keep you safe while you use a space heater.

 Safety tips:

  1. The space heater should have gone through a recognized testing schedule and ensure that it is labelled showing that it is tested and is safe.
  2. Before you start using it, ensure that you have read the instructions in the leaflet carefully and follow things as specified.
  3. Always check for broken or cracked plugs, loose connections, an type of crack or damage before you use it every time. And get the heater repaired right away.
  4. Make sure that you turn it off if not in use and never leave it unattended.
  5. Do not allow children and pets close to it.
  6. As space heaters are made essentially for heating a room, they should never be used for cooking food, warm the bedding, thaw pipes or to dry clothes.
  7. It is better to be instructed about any potential harm. SO, installing smoke alarms is advised on every floor and even outside the house. Also check their efficiency at least once in a month.
  8. Always keep it away from thing that can get burnt like clothes, papers, rugs etc. For this, you must keep it at a height of 3ft.
  9. Always place them on flat and levelled surfaces for a balance. Avoid placing it on any furniture like cabinets and tables etc. that may get overheated and can cause fire.
  10. Avoid keeping them in high traffic areas like near doors, staircase etc. to avoid tripping and allowing the heater to get in touch of any burning things.
  11. Do not use any extensions or power strips to plug in the heater. Instead, always use direct plugs in the wall to avoid overheating that may result in fire. It is best to avoid plugging of any other device into the same outlet.
  12. When not in use, always unplug the heater and place it safely.


Every type of space heater has some or the other type of potential risk of fire even while they are tested for safety. Using safety tips in the regular day to day life is essential to avoid any potential fire problems while using space heaters.

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