The best portable air purifier in the market right now


When air purifiers first came out, prices were high; some were even ridiculously high for an air purifier that isn’t even as big as a portable air conditioner. But you will notice that this revolutionary device that helps provide a good clean air circulating in your home has also dropped its price over the past years drastically.


After the hype and the over pricing, there are a few air purifiers that stood out the test of time, even if the market is ever changing. Although for most people they don’t really see the need to buy one, they actually should because this addresses one of the biggest problems in the world, pollution.The best air purifiers to date are listed below:


v  Holmes HAP726          


v  GermGuardian AC5350B Elite


v  Whirlpool AP51030KB


v  GermGuardian AC4100


v  PurePlug


v  ClimateRight iAirQ450W


The reason why these air purifiers have been very popular is that they have the strength that not all air purifiers out there or just half of what these air purifiers can do.


Quiet: People don’t want to buy a noisy air purifier; they want one that doesn’t make any sound possible. A device that does wonders without hindering any activities like watching TV and sleeping. Something that people won’t really notice that it’s there in the first place. That is the benchmark that all air purifiers have because quiet is good.


Easy to use: People hate reading manuals and that is a fact. Even if the device or appliances have many features it doesn’t erase the fact that more than 50% of the customers do throw manuals away. And if the air purifier that they have isn’t really as easy as they thought they will have a hard time setting it up properly. People like something easy, like “ready to use out of the box easy” and can easily be navigated without manuals.


Value for money: The reason why air purifiers were snubbed and people never bought it was because of its price even if it offers a healthier lifestyle. Because people think there’s really nothing wrong with the air that they breathe and the device is too expensive. People don’t really see a value in that.


Build quality: It has to be built well, it has to last a long time because in general, no person wants to have a defective device that is pricey that will only last for a few months of use.

Air purifiers have indeed been slowly realized and how it’s very important for the health. But not all are great air purifiers. When you are looking for one considers the factors: Is it quiet? Is it easy to use? Is it a value for money and has good build quality? If you want more information about the best portable air purifier, check this linkfor details. 

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