How to make best juices and smoothies at home easily


Blenders are devices which help in making smoothies , milkshakes , thick shakes ,juices , dry powders and many more varieties very easily.Blenders , food processor and mixer grinder seems to be the same but there is a difference.

Blender is narrower than all and has good cutting blades at bottom and with the help of these soups and smoothies and thick shakes , milk shakes and many more are made to have a very super taste.

There are various types of blenders in the market and all work on amar principle and are the same but few blenders are heavy  high powered used for blending ice cubes nuts and all these get crushed into nice small pieces and even there are few simple blenders with which everything we can make but to some extent that is if more hard substances are grinded then blades may spoil as it can’t do heavy duty.

How to make best juices and smoothies at home easily

Blenders are available in all ranges and all sizes in This website offers the best blenders at affordable prices.

Types of jars available

The hand blenders are of various materials made up of steel, plastic and glass. The glass jars are often pricer but are more convenient and we can see what’s blending inside the jar and how it got blended and plastic are also the same but they often lead to cracks and scratches. In Steel jars you can blend in a better way but everytime you need to check how the blending is done. There are so many speed settings in the latest blenders available at nearly 20 options are there.

Features of these blenders

  • These have stainless steel sturdy blades and these have a long life span and hardly tends to break.
  • The jars have a small vent through which the steam comes out and doesn’t heat up the jars
  • The controls are available even in digital and manual too

Why and when to buy blenders

When you want to make simple juices, milkshakes , simple vegetables juices , fruit juices you can use these blenders.For blending hard substances like dry fruits and ice cubes very oftenly to make thick cookies milkshakes and iced fruits you need to take heavy duty blenders. And along with preparing juices of fruits and veggies and milkshakes and thick shakes if you want to even cut some vegetables in electrical devices then you need to take food processors as food processors serve both but to serve both purposes you need to buy high end food processors which are a bit costly and one can buy anything at

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