Brand Profile and overview of 2x-ist Men’s underwear


Following the earlier initial Andre Christian’s profile, most people have decided to focus on the brand profile and overview of 2x-ist innerwear that creates stylish and unique underwear for men. Like jockstrap design, 2 x-ist underwear designs are also based in New York, where fashion industries are creating stylish and unique innerwear.  The following overview will inform you more about this product:

History of the 2 x-ist Company

Since 1991, 2 x-ist companies has been one of the reputable innerwear brands in NEW YORK. It was introduced in the fashion industry by a legendary designer popularly known as Gregory Sowell. He is a restless fashion designer who assisted in establishing the Pioneer Male innerwear brand. In 2005, he left 2 x-ist innerwear brands and started another brand, which he named C-IN2.

Management changes

Later on, the Management of 2x-ist inner Company was taken over by another creative director popularly known as Jason Scarletti. Through his busy schedule, he managed to combine his duty as Creative director and Regular TV appearance and theatre and club shows where he performed as both an entertainer and comedian.

Brand Profile and overview of 2x-ist Men’s underwear

2x-ist innovative styles and fashions

Since its establishment, 2x-ist innerwear producers have been one of the leading underwear brands popularly identified by forward-thinking, progressive men’s fashions and styles. Their major focus was to concentrate on innovative designs that offer comfort, style, and support. 2x-ist company products also feature contoured pouches at the front mainly to achieve their mandate.

2x-ist designers’ mandate

In their terms, their primary objective was to come up with creative fashion designs that fit men’s life perfectly. It means that this company has been striving for perfection mainly to ensure they’ve offered superior and highly stylish men’s innerwear for daily wear and enjoyment. Therefore, the company is pushing the borders of men’s underwear with innovative, unique creativity and wide blends of the latest materials and fabric designs.

Perhaps, 2x-ist is the first company underwear brand that has actually advance the production and designs for men’s undergarments using the latest technological innovation, such as enhancing underwear with no show material.

“No show” trunks and shorts

In addition to the most memorable 2x-ist products, as it has already been mentioned before, “No show” trunks and shorts are also among the most trending inner garment that also provides style and comfort without being noticed by anyone. They have also produced wide varieties of male underwear based on shape, contrast ranges, and different styles.

These fashionable inventions that come with a wide range of products have become among the most striking and interesting products currently sold in the fashion market. 2x-ist’s main purpose is to provide excellent protection and support stylishly and fantastically, same as jockstrap company products.

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