All That You Need to Know About Garcinia and Its Weight Loss Properties


People all across the world are getting increasingly getting conscious about their health, which was not always the case. The increase in health awareness is because of the fact that today’s environment, work, lifestyle, and various other factors have had an adverse effect on the human body. There are more people who are obese or overweight today, and then they were ever, which has led the people to get serious about their health.

In their quest to lose weight people try various types of products that promise to help in losing weight. However, the most common and popular supplement now used by the people and companies making weight loss supplements, like Trim bio fit is garcinia cambogia, a supplement that has been proven to help in weight loss.

If you’re wondering about what garcinia cambogia, here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is garcinia?

Garcinia is an herb which is commonly known by its biological name garcinia cambogia. It’s basically a citrus fruit that has pumpkin shaped small fruits that are light green or yellowish in color. The herb generally grows in atropical climate and contains a large amount of organically active substances that are present on the skin of the fruit. It also contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA that makes enables the herb to help the body naturally to lose weight.

Does garcinia really help you in losing weight?

You must be now wondering, how can an herb help you in losing weight? And does it work? The answer is yes, garcinia works and helps you lose weight quickly and the main reason behind it is the presence of HCA. This compound helps you lose weight in two different ways that are described as follows:

Appetite suppression

Appetite is something that urges you to look for food and eat food. Sometimes people also get urges to eat food even if they are not hungry and this happens because of the appetite. You need to control your appetite if you plan on losing your weight and the compound HCA help you in doing it by increasing the amount of serotonin in the body.

Now you must be thinking how can serotonin suppress your appetite? Well, serotonin is also known as the pleasure hormone that keeps you active and happy. However, whenever you’re stressed or depressed the serotonin level decreases in the body which makes a person depressed. Emotionally depressed people tend to eat more as they get more urges to eat, this is where increased levels of serotonin can help in reducing stress and stay happy which in turn limits your appetite.

Fat reduction

The human body has an enzyme called Citrate Lyase, which is responsible for converting carbohydrates into fats. The HCA present in garcinia helps to reduce the enzyme activity which leads to the reduced conversion of carbohydrates into fat. This will ensure that there is less fat deposited in the body and the cholesterol levels are reduced.

This is how garcinia cambogia helps you in reducing weight. If you want to use this herb to reduce weight you can buy supplements like Trim bio fit, which has 100% original garcinia that can help you lose weight faster.


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