Why Buy A New House Instead Of A Resale?


     When buying or prospecting for a new home, buyers are presented with a delightful dilemma. Delightful because no matter if new or used, owning a house is always a source of pride and joy. You can always have an older house renovated if you have the money and the time or you can design your own house and have it built from the ground up. However, now that you find yourself in the position to be a homeowner, what should be chosen? A resale house or a brand new one? Take a look as you continue reading below some of the most compelling reasons why a new house is dominantly better than a used one.

A Community Along With The New House

    More often than not, an older community or neighborhood will not have a prebuilt community along with the house. This community revolves around the newly built houses or units, such as a community pool, a community basketball or tennis court, and even an events place to bring those new homeowners together. This is a recent development in real estate that did benefit the new homeowners. Along with their new house, they get to join in on the fun brought along by these amenities. By far this is among the most effective marketing tool that developers like http://gamudaland.com.my/ have developed that really had an amazing appeal to buyers. By capitalizing on families wanting only the best for their children, they developed this strategy that is a win for every party involved.

New Innovative House Plans

    Most newer house plans have open spaces for better ventilation and flexibility of what you can do with designing the interior spaces of the house. Because of open floor plans, you can have a huge open area for entertaining friends and family when needed. Usually, the kitchen opens itself up to family living room areas making even a small space seem large and airy and inviting.

New House Instead Of A Resale

Fewer Expenses On Maintenance Costs

     Because of its newer condition, a newly built house will have little to no maintenance needed for the first years along the course of its life. This translates to huge savings as opposed to buying a resale house, even when it is just slightly used. As opposed to a new house, a used house can take its toll on repairs, especially on those that the previous owners have hidden. This does not happen often but they do occur. In addition, new homes have more advanced wiring systems that can be easily accessed and upgraded into security systems, structured system and fully IT integrated for a truly smart home.

Greener Footprint

    Aside from being cheaper in maintenance costs, new houses are also extremely efficient relative to their older counterparts. Newer materials and tighter seals have allowed very little temperature loss whether heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. Higher efficiency insulation will once again translate to an enormous amount of savings on power consumption and a greatly reduced utility bill.

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