The Best Storm Water & Drainage Products at Civil Mart


A dependable stormwater drainage system is crucial if you don’t want stormwater to gather in your house. When it accumulates, it will become a severe health hazard since it brings many different substances, such as pesticides, oil, grease, metals, and so much more. Therefore, looking for durable and high-quality stormwater and drainage products is the best way to ensure you have a reliable drainage system. A sound drainage system will reduce flooding, allow you to use the collected water, and keep your plants safe. Furthermore, there’s a reduced risk of icy patches during winter.

Another type of drainage is concrete stormwater pits. You can grab yours at Civil Mart. It has tons of advantages, which you will find reliable and a great choice. So if you’re still on the fence about this type of drainage, check out the list of benefits it can give you. So keep on reading below.

High Durability

The first reason why homeowners are replacing their plastic stormwater pit concrete with a concrete stormwater pit is that it’s very durable. Compared to plastic stormwater pits, concrete ones will last a long time. They’re tougher and won’t deteriorate over time. So it saves you money compared to the plastic ones, which you need to replace every few years. So the durability saves you money since you won’t have to worry about it collapsing over time. Plus, it can endure the test of time with little to no maintenance. As a result, you get the peace of mind you deserve.

concrete stormwater pits

Incredible Strength

Next, another reason you should choose a concrete stormwater pit is its strength over other pits. It outperforms the plastic pits when it comes to load-bearing power. Therefore, it can hold much more weight from the ground, around, and on top. So it enables the stormwater retention pit to be constructed bigger and deeper than their plastic equivalents. It means they’re not limited in space. It increases the maximum capacity of your pits and reduces the chances of them being swamped by severe weather. With the enhanced load-bearing strength, it can resist heavyweights passing above.

Maximum Capacity

As mentioned above, you can construct bigger and deeper stormwater retention pits than plastic ones. Therefore, the capacity is much more profound. And due to the limits of materials and manufacturing methods used to produce the pits, even the most extensive and most costly plastic pits are still restricted in size and capacity. On the other hand, concrete stormwater pits are built with massive capacity available, which can manage severe rainstorms and even restricted flash foods. Overall, your property is protected from all weather events. However, experts are still on the fence when it comes to the worst ones.

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