Are there any tips to mitigate the risk of breast cancer?


Most women neglect to take care of their breasts. Such negligence leads to the onset of breast cancer. Some females don’t even understand the consequences until the doctor prescribes a 3D mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ. Health care is important for everyone which is why a list of tips is provided below.

  • Limited Alcohol
  • Healthy weight
  • Physical activity
  • Breast feed
  • Limited postmenopausal hormone therapy

Limited Alcohol: Overconsumption of alcohol is not good for your breasts. Limiting alcohol intake is essential to prevent breast cancer. You can mitigate the risk of breast cancer by reducing the number of pegs.

Healthy weight: If you have a healthy weight, make effort to maintain that. If you are unsure about weight management, reach out to a medical practitioner who can suggest the right strategies to lose/gain weight. If you are an overweight individual, reduce the quantity of food in a gradual manner.

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Physical activity: Shedding calories is essential to maintain a balanced weight. As you know, a healthy weight allows you to prevent breast cancer. Adults who spend a minimum of 150 minutes every week doing aerobic activity will have a lesser risk of breast cancer.

Breast feed: Believe it or not, breastfeeding can help mothers in the prevention of cancer. Feeding babies can save women from breast cancer.

Limited postmenopausal hormone therapy: Combination hormone therapy may not be good for some ladies. This is why an open discussion about the benefits and risks of hormone therapy is essential. You could speak with your doctor and try to control symptoms with nonhormonal medications and therapies. If you feel that hormone therapy for the short term works for you or has fewer risks go for it. However, ensure to be in touch with the doctor to track your progress and accordingly take action.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that females can mitigate the risk of breast cancer by regular physical exercise, limiting postmenopausal hormone therapy and alcohol consumption, and maintaining of healthy weight. If you still experience the symptoms of the condition, avail of the 3D mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ based on the doctor’s prescription.

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