Why Alexei Orlov is the Entrepreneur of the Month?


The founder of one of the most growing companies mtm choice worldwide Alexei Orlov is doing his job in a very well planned manner. The company mtm was founded in the year 2017, in February as a New Boutique Holding group. He is also the president of the company. He is recognized as a pro in global marketing and business leadership. The amazing founder has built a reputation for the company by giving highly targeted media optimization as well as brand activation.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, he was also part of Volkswagen in its top leadership team. He achieved great excellence in the Chinese division. He was also responsible for many things like the brand’s integrity and marketing for the companies’ important brands.

brand activation

What excites him the most?

According to him, the trend is something that excites him the most. He is more interested in the drastic shift toward social as well as digital authenticity. We know that data protection is one of the important things in this digital world. And one of the crucial things is that people should work with those systems which are rooted in authentic items. And keeping this point in mind, all the rules and regulations which are governed by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) should always have well- outlined permissions that will show authentic products, rather than preaching data alone.

The founder of MTM choice, Alexei Orlov has 30 years of experience with different 40 countries, and with different 50 brands. He has made his business like his life as a seasoned leader in Global marketing now. He was a tested and proven specialist in this industry.

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