What Do You Know About Pastor Norman Quintero?


When it comes to pastor norman Quintero, it is all about the stories you hear about him. He has been jailed for domestic violence so many times. However, the only case here was that the story seemed different.

Allegations And Real Story Behind

He was spotted for the same violence twice. One with his wife and the other with someone who was in an employment contract. The woman who was having a contract with Quintero was terminated in the employment sector. She was continuously disturbed by repeated messages. She was threatened that some immigration issues would be imposed and all of that. The Quintero, though called to be a democrat often, and the woman posted publicly the story about how she was connected with him. She posted over Facebook that he was a false democrat and false prophet. And guess what? These kinds of posts are really helpful for people to escape from such dangerous traps.

Then the next allegation he had was when he was running for the school board seat. At the moment, he was having a tough fight with his wife. The fight was about his wife, who was smoking inside the home. He was accused of domestic violence. However, it didn’t lead to an arrest.

employment contract

The One Who Looted Money From Immigrants

Pastor Norman Quintero targeted the immigrants who were finding it hard to make their paperwork corrected. So what he does was taking money in the name of help. He claimed himself as an attorney and can be helpful for them like that. However, it took some time for the people to understand that it was behind some fake setups.

So you might be thinking about how it is related to 2021, right? Always be safe by yourself and never trust someone who comes from nowhere to help you because it is better to face legal allegations than to get related to some people who are doing bad things.

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