Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Invest In Stand Up Desks


You might get sick from spending too much time sitting down for work or relaxation. It may be the explanation behind your depression and stress. Instead of letting you relax, sitting too much could cause you fatigue. This is terrible since office staff seems to be sitting and typing away most of their time. If so, is there a remedy that prevents them from being seated? 

Yes, and the solution is the MOVI’s stand up desk. These desks allow you to position your machine in a higher place so that you are standing when working. On these desks, you can also write or read. It’s sort of like an ordinary one except that you can change it to your height. It addresses several issues that studies have correlated with sitting. Continue reading to find out!

MOVI’s stand up desk

  • Lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain prevention. There are ties to obesity and weight gain from sitting for long periods. This is because sitting inhibits the fast-absorbing circulation of an enzyme in our body. By exercising more frequently, one way to fight this is. Standing helps an excellent deal for office employees who don’t have the time since it begins the enzyme’s circulation that absorbs fat.
  • Normalize levels of blood sugar. Our bodies contain high levels of insulin in sitting positions. This is why they say that it is terrible to sit after a meal, which is when sugar spikes in the blood. Standing helps glucose to be processed better by insulin. This implies that the hormone would not need to be overproduced by the pancreas.
  • Lowers chance of cancer. Studies have shown that sitting leads to a higher risk of multiple cancer forms. Sitting for 6 hours or more, which spells bad news for office staff, raises the stakes. As well as stretching and walking regularly, a standing desk solves this dilemma.
  • Enhances Posture. Poor pose, huh? Most of the time, sitting will be the culprit. When working, standing helps improve posture. Make sure your standing desk is set up in a way that your computer screen is at the level of the eye. This eliminates hunching, and it stops you from slouching at the desk. Standing helps strengthen the core strength of the body as well. This will contribute to an overall improved stance.
  • Improves the mood throughout the day. The same research also showed that better mood states were encountered by the participants using standing desks. Standing releases endorphins, the chemical that is responsible for the euphoria experience. Just standing, however, doesn’t make the body generate high amounts. Standing does, however, have a constant stream of this hormone, which is necessary to remain in a good mood.
  • Increases Productivity. The improved levels of mood and energy then allow a person to perform in their best condition. An upright desk is the best solution if you need to get work done and eliminate all the distractions that waste time and effort.
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