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Are you really fed up with all those spam calls then you need to concern about how to control those calls. In some devices there will be option that you can block the spam calls. But it is not possible with all types of mobiles. So you need to look after the software or website that will aid you in avoiding such type of anonymous calls that you don’t know who are trying to call you. To verify such calls you have to reach the websites where they are providing the services with utmost trust so that you again fall into trouble by choosing such types of websites. They have separate process to look after the person who is trying to reach you. For to do so they need to gather more information about all those types of anonymous calls from the users. To do so they need to work really hard and have to collect all the information from different users so that they will identify such numbers as spam calls.

spam calls on your mobiles

How can you note any call as spam call.

  • Have you here noticed any soak calls in your mobile. Every one will get at least one spam call per day. Have you ever questioned how those calls will be marked as spam calls and who will do that.
  • If you want to all such types of questions you need to gather more information that all you need to know about the process of making a call spam one. One such process is the user only will mark this as spam call and when ever they get the call from same number it will be displayed as spam call as already the user mentioned that call as spam.
  • The other method of marking spam calls are there will be se company who is working on such types of calls. They will track all the calls that are receiving from users by tracking their call history.
  • After once marking the call as spam one you will have a message that one spam call has tried to call you. You need not to worry about those calls and it is better to leave such calls without answering. All spam calls will be moved to one folder and the messages too.


Hope the above information provided regarding spam calls will give you a clear cut idea about what exactly the spam calls are.

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